Welcome to the Employees Page! Here you can find resources such as links and forms that were previously only available in person. If you need something, please do not hesitate to contact the office. Thank you!

Frontline Education

AESOP Login — Absence Reporting


When you plan to be absent, please use AESOP/ Frontline Education to submit the absence and also fill out a paper Request for Time Off Form. Thank you!

Helpful Links

Login Information!

The Online Employee Portal allows you access to view W-4 withholding selections, payroll check stub history, W-2s, mailing address, etc. and more!

  • Open District Email

  • Open another internet tab and enter: https://lakeportal.xcoe.online into the browser

  • Go directly to "Register as a New User" at the bottom of the screen and click to open (If registering as a new user).

  • You will be prompted to provide some or all of the information listed to create your Employee Record:

    • District email address

    • First Name/ Last Name (Legal Names)

    • Date of Birth

    • Social Security Number

    • Home Phone Number

    • Cellphone Number

  • Press Submit and you will receive a confirmation key via your district email from the Lake Pay Portal. Copy the confirmation key from your email and paste it into the box on the Employee Portal Screen. (You will have 5 minutes to enter the key before it expires. If it does expire, you will simply need to request another key.)

  • You will be taken to the login screen. Enter your email address and password.

escape technology

Use the "Activities" icon in the upper left hand corner to access a drop down menu to peruse your information.

For security purposes, be sure to log out of both the Employee Portal and your email when you are finished.

Under Construction: Be able to submit address changes and tax withholding information directly to the Payroll Department from the Employee Portal.