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What is the Accelerated Reading Program?

The AR program, as we call it, is a system that allows students to choose and read books from a special list and then test on each book on the classroom computer. The program is designed to promote the love of reading, and can be a significant factor in a student’s progress in the areas of comprehension, analysis, and vocabulary development. A student who spends time reading will grow in all areas!

How does the program work?

Reading tests are administered to target each student’s “zone.” Once a student knows his/her reading zone, he/she will then be able to choose books within their reading range. The zone is important, because it allows students to read books that are not too difficult (or too easy!). I also inform each student of the number of points he/she should work towards for an “A.” Each book is worth a certain number of points (based on the book’s difficulty and length). When the book is finished, the student takes a 10—20 question basic reading comprehension test on the classroom computer to analyze how well he/she understood the book. Points are awarded based on the number of correct answers and the student moves on to another book.

How does the AR Program affect a student’s grade?

Accelerated Reader (AR) accounts for 10% of a student's grade. Please contact your student's Language Arts Teacher for more information.

Tips for Success!

  • Always have an AR book! Take it to all of your classes.

  • Some of your other teachers will allow you to read from your AR book AFTER all other work is completed, or after a test.

  • If your teacher asks you to keep a reading log, make sure you write in it daily.

  • Plan to read AT LEAST 30—60 minutes a day. Use SSW time (that’s 30 minutes right there), free time in class, a quiet time at home, while riding on the bus or in a car, etc.

  • Don’t wait until the last minute to choose a book. Our school library, as well as Middletown Library and the public libraries all have our school’s AR lists available for you to check. Every Language Arts teacher also has lists available.

  • Choose books that YOU like! There are over 4,000 AR books available for you to read. If you start a book and do not like it, please stop reading it, and choose another one! You are more likely to finish and understand books that you enjoy!

Come by and see your Language Arts teacher if you are having difficulty with AR. He/she will work with you and help you succeed!

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The Impact of Reading

Folks, let's get down to business. Reading is such an important part of a student's education that goes way beyond standards.