Policies and Procedures


Will Rules:

  1. Students will be on-time to class.

  2. When students are late, they will arrive to class with a pass from the office.

  3. Students will remain in the classroom unless given a pass by the classroom teacher.

  4. Students will attend all assigned classes.

  5. Students will respect the right of others to learn by exhibiting good behavior.

  6. Students will respect the property of others.

  7. Students will sit in an appropriate manner when at their desks.

  8. Students will appreciate the right of the teacher to control their class.

  9. Students will attend class with the correct books, paper, and equipment.

  10. Students will be responsible for completing their homework.

  11. Students will comply with all other rules for individual classroom teachers.

Will Not Rules:

  1. Students will not eat or drink in the classrooms unless allowed by the teacher.

  2. Students will not chew gum anywhere on campus.

  3. Students will not bring a pet or any other distracting item to school without permission from administration.

All students enrolled in the middle school are expected to fulfill the following four responsibilities:

  1. Attend class daily unless sick or otherwise incapacitated.

  2. Do all assignments and work required by the teacher.

  3. Respect the rights of the teacher, of other pupils, and of school property.

  4. Arrive to school and class on time.


The "Pride Page" will help students to keep track of their personal behavior. Students are responsible for carrying their agenda at all times. Should a staff member notice that a student is breaking one of the rules on the Pride Page, they will note it in the student's agenda. Students with infractions on their daily list will need to report to Reflection Time that day for a portion of their free lunchtime. The following notations provide a short explanation of what each infraction means:

  1. Classroom/School Rules: any violation of the rules listed in the agenda or in a classroom.

  2. Supplies: students must carry their agenda, paper, pencils, and other required materials.

  3. Excessive Talking: self-explanatory.

  4. Tardy: late to class- even by one minute. Parents writing notes to excuse tardies are good for explanation, however, do not release the student from being required to be in class on time.

  5. Gum: students are not allowed to chew gum on campus.

  6. Language: use of words that are vulgar, offensive, or cause hurt feelings.

  7. Horseplay/Hands-Off: students should not be jumping on furniture, chasing others, throwing things, wrestling, horsing around, slapping, kicking, pushing, tripping, etc.

  8. Annoying Behavior/Rumors: saying things or writing things that are rumors, spreading rumors, saying things that cause another to be angry or fearful, using verbal or body language to insult, intimidate, or harass another.

  9. Dress Code: see information in agenda for detail.

  10. Failure to Follow Directions: not following directives of a staff member, especially in a time of an emergency.

  11. Defiance: refusal to follow directives of a staff member or using verbal or body language that shows disrespect or failure to comply.

  12. Reflection - No Show: not showing up for an assigned Reflection Time on-time or at all.

  13. Cellphones, Music Players, Electronic Devices: out, during school hours without prior permission.

  14. Other: if a teacher sees an infraction not noted about, he/she may write it in.

Reflection Mark Consequences:

Each Reflection mark will result in a 10 minute Reflection Time. However, once a student receives 6 Reflection marks they will have to attend PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Support) and for each subsequent mark after the 6th mark. PBIS will be after school from 2:30-3:20PM or during school hours. Receiving 6 Reflection marks in one Pride Page month will result in a student being placed on the non-privileged list for the following 20 school days, and each additional reflection mark will add an additional 5 days on the non-privileged list.


The office phone is available for student use.

This is for contacting parents/guardians of students who may have forgotten PE clothes, a project, sports equipment, etc. If a student wishes to go home, they MUST call from the Nurse's office - no exceptions.

Cell phones are NOT to be used during school hours and must be turned off during the ENTIRE school day, 8:00-2:30PM for regular days 8:00-11:45 for minimum days. Students found using, in possession of, or otherwise displaying cell phones or other electronic devices during prohibited hours will have these items confiscated and held by school administration until the end of the school day.

MMS recognizes the fact that cellphones are an important communication device for parents and students. However, cellphones can also create significant distraction to the learning environment within a school. Cellphones are frequently a source of in-class disruptions, harassment, cheating, theft, and a variety of other inappropriate behaviors.

Ways Parents Can Help:

  • If you need to pick up your child before the end of the school day, please make arrangements with your student BEFORE SCHOOL for pick up locations or appointments, and bring a note or call the Attendance line so that we may get a note out to your student ahead of time so that they'll be ready for pick-up at the desired time.

  • Communicate with your student(s) regarding after school pick-up/ transportation BEFORE SCHOOL begins.

  • Gather ALL ITEMS that need to be taken to school by the front door (or other designated location) ahead of time so that nothing gets left behind, such as lunch, projects, homework, or PE clothes.


For students who ride their bikes or skateboards to school, bikes must be locked at the bike rack by the office and skateboards must be secured in the office. Students may NOT take them to and from classes.


Check the backpack weekly for disorganization. Be sure the papers are in the correct place in the binder and not wadded up in the bottom of the backpack. Also, the remnants of any food products or other unnecessary items should be cleaned out of the bottom of the of the backpack. This weekly routine can keep the assignments in the proper place and will help student(s) to be more organized.


Our school is a closed campus. Once students arrive on campus they must remain here unless signed out by a parent or guardian. In addition, students are not allowed to disrupt high school classes during brunch or lunch. Middle school students are not allowed to eat/socialize in or around the MHS classrooms. Middle school students will not be in high school classrooms or bathrooms during brunch and lunch and vise versa.


Parents must call or email the Attendance desk DAILY when their child is absent phone: 987-1441, email: teri.langford@middletownusd.org

When leaving a message, please provide the following information:

  1. Name of Absent Student

  2. Date of absence

  3. Reason for absence (illness, doctor's apt, etc.)

  4. Name and daytime phone number of person calling, and the person’s relationship to the student. (mother, father, guardian, grandparent, etc.)

**Students who are late to school must sign in at the office and receive a pass to class. Parents/Guardians must provide a note or call ahead of time/time of drop off so that students do not receive a Reflection Mark on their Pride Page.**

While parent knowledge reasons are welcomed for coding purposes, they do not excuse a student from being tardy. Please make sure to get your student(s) to school on time!


The school year is only 180 days. It is our hope that MMS Families plan vacations and trips around the academic calendar. If there is a need for student(s) to go on Short Term Independent Study it is a minimum of 5 school days. You must notify the office a MINIMUM OF ONE WEEK (7 DAYS) IN ADVANCE and fill out the appropriate forms/contract. Teachers will try to accommodate students with work for their absence. Please note this work may differ from actual class assignments (due to science labs and sessions that cannot be duplicated), and credit for all assignments may not be possible. Although preparation for independent study work will be at each teacher's discretion, it is not mandated upon the teacher. It is the student's responsibility to talk with their teachers and peers upon return to check on assignments missed. Upon return, the student must have the assigned work turned into the teacher for credit. Short Term Independent Study: no more than 3 weeks per school year.

Make-up Work Due To An Absence:

Students with an excused absence shall have one school day for each school day missed in order to make up homework or tests for this period. At the discretion of the teacher involved, in view of extenuating circumstances, the period of time for make-up work may be extended.


Students MUST be in school on the day of an extracurricular activity for a legal school day (four class periods) if they want to participate in that activity.

For example, if there is a night school dance, an after school athletic event, an evening awards ceremony, etc., for a student to attend or participate in that activity they must be in school that day for a legal school day (four class periods).


Before & After School:

Please be mindful of other families trying to drop-off/pick-up their students as well in the circle. Waiting in the car takes up time and delays traffic.

During School Hours:

If your student needs to leave early, please contact the attendance office (e-mail, call, or note with student) in order for your student to receive an early dismissal slip. When student returns to school, he/she needs to submit a doctor's note (or other note from counseling office, legal office, etc.) stating that they attended the appointment to the attendance desk.


Only in the case of an EMERGENCY will the office forward messages from parent to student as student messages delivered to the classroom cause disruption.

How Parents/Guardians Can Help:

  • Please discuss arrangements such as, transportation, appointments, and other non-urgent issues, in the morning or the previous night, before your student(s) leaves for school. If your student(s) needs to leave during the school day, please have them bring a note to the attendance office BEFORE SCHOOL to get their Early Dismissal Slip.


Deliveries to students often result in disruption to their classes. All deliveries should be kept to a minimum. Deliveries will NOT be made to the classroom, students may pick up items such as homework or PE clothes during passing periods.