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Cia Dedmon

(707) 987-4160


Please complete the Google Form and upload the required documents for student participation in MMS sports. Any questions or concerns please contact the Athletic Director Cia Dedmon.

Athlete Code of Ethics:

Participation in interscholastic athletics is a privilege and an honor. Student-athletes are

expected to be positive representatives of Middletown Middle School, Middletown Unified School

District, and the community, and therefore, are expected to be positive examples. The student-

athlete will exhibit positive/appropriate behavior at school, during contests, and in the

community. The privilege of participation may be revoked when a student-athlete fails or

refuses to comply with the rules.

Ideally, interscholastic athletics aid in the development of lifelong skills necessary for young

people. Sportsmanship, cooperation, and teamwork, respect of others, and positively adjusting to

winning and losing in a positive manner are an integral part of the philosophy of each athletic

team. Athletics also play an important role in helping participants develop positive self-concepts

and healthy bodies.

While Middletown Middle School takes great pride in being successful, we do no condone, “winning at

all costs”, and discourage any behavior which sacrifices good sportsmanship, respect for team

members and opponents, and disregard for the rules. Because our emphasis is on teaching the

skill necessary to play the sport, it is expected that all members of these teams be given the

opportunity to participate in all practices and games.

It is our goal to realize the potential of all members of a team. Coaches will not allow members

of a team to tease or belittle those who may not have realized their athletic potential. Athletes

are expected to act as part of a team and be supportive of their fellow teammates.


Athletics at Middletown Middle School are deeply rooted in tradition. We are known for being competitive in every sport that we play and recently have been winning numerous team and individual league titles.

However, winning isn’t the only focus of athletics here at Middletown. The main reason athletic participation is encouraged here is so students can lift their self-esteem, change their lives, and create lasting memories.

Below is listed a few bits of information that will help prepare you if you plan on being a Middletown Bronco athlete this school year or next school year.

Requirements for participation:

  1. Athletic packet filled out completely ~ turned into Mrs. Slaight either to her classroom or the office every academic school year by the sign-up deadline.

    1. Proof of insurance

    2. Emergency card information

    3. Parent permission of transportation

    4. Sports Physical completed

  2. Grade Point Average above a 2.0 for the previous quarter & during the season.

  3. Not have any "F" or incomplete grades for the preceding quarter and during the sports season.

  4. Not be missing an excessive amount of assignments from any class during the sports season.

  5. Attend school the day of the game and fully participate in P.E. [Medical excuses for P.E. will extend to any sports.]

  6. Maintain good behavior, citizenship, and good sportsmanship during practice and in games.

  7. Students who are suspended from school are not allowed to participate in athletics for the duration of the suspension.

    1. Students who are suspended from school for one day will be suspended from athletics for two days; two days from school = four days of athletics, three days of school = six days from athletics. More than three days will result in removal from athletics.

If you have any other questions please feel free to call and ask.

In order to offer a quality interscholastic athletic program, MMS would appreciate your consideration of a $50 donation per sport.