Daily Bulletin 9/17


MUSD policy does not allow any medication to be given at school, including "over the counter" medication, without having a Physician's permission note on file.Parents should prepare for the "occasional headache, etc." by having their Student's Physician fax a note to the school if they would like the school to be able to administer medication. Notes are good for one school year.Student's are NOT allowed to carry any medication at school without permission from the School Nurse.

For ATTENDANCE, please call Teri at (707) 987-1441. Please add this number into your phone!

Attendance cannot be changed after 48 hours. Parents must provide the note, the reason, and the excuse within 48 hours of the absence and we cannot go back in after that to change a student's attendance. The state has tightened everything up and we need to make sure our data is consistent. Parent Knowledge is no longer accepted as an excused absence by the State.


Employee of the Month: Tamara Slaight!

PARENTS: MMS is a CLOSED campus! You must sign in at the MMS Office before entering the school for any reason. Thank you.

Once A Week Take A Peek-Fight back against head lice! Use proper detection comb to trap head lice.

If head lice are spotted, take a close look at all the family, including yourself, and ask close family and friends to check as well. Inform the school.

Should your child stay home?

Check your child for head lice on a weekly basis and treat straight away when live lice are found. We do have a NO NIT policy, once your child has no live lice or nits they can attend school, child care and all other activities as usual. Please take your child to the office to be checked by staff. If nits or live lice are found your child will have to return home with parent/guardian. Please check your child’s head for head lice weekly. If we all work together we can eliminate the problem quickly and prevent the spread to other students.



Congratulations 5th Period! Next Monday, 4th Period versus 2nd Period!

Weekly Quote

“A happy person is not a person in a certain set of circumstances, but rather a person with a certain set of attitudes.” Hugh Downs

This week!

Sign up in the MMS Office!

Were looking for 8th graders to train with the MHS Mountain Bike Team Club, Parent and Athlete meeting will be October 1st at Stone Fire Pizza in Hidden Valley at 6:00 p.m. We are looking for both Girls and Boys to join the team, no tryouts required. Please email: mhsmountainbiketeam@gmail.com for any questions or message us through our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/MHS95461/ or you can leave your information in the school office on our MTB Sign-ups Sheet!

Friday, September 13

Teachers please be sure to vote on ASB elections at the beginning of 6th period Friday. Leadership will bring ballots to your classroom.

This week

Students: please bring pasta for our food drive and get a free popcorn. Or buy popcorn for $1. Leadership is creating pasta food bags for families in need within our own community. They will be creating the bags next week. Any questions or concerns, please contact Cia at cia.dedmon@middletownusd.org



All athletes need to turn in a new athletic packet for the 2019-2020 school year before or during the student’s sign-up period. Athletic packets are available in the MMS Office and online at https://mms.middletownusd.org/mms-athletics

Friday, September 13

Volleyball Practice:

No practice for 7th grade team

Regular practice for 8th grade team

Tuesday, September 24th

There will be a volleyball parent meeting on Tuesday, September 24th at 5:45 in room #1 for both 7th and 8th grade. Parents and athletes are both encouraged to attend the meeting. If parent(s) are unable to attend please contact Mrs. Slaight prior to the meeting, so that she may get you the information that will be discussed at the meeting. Thank you.


Friday, September 20th

Everyone that was in Mr. Coit’s 5th period class LAST SCHOOL YEAR please join Mr. Coit in his classroom at lunch for a Pizza Party for winning the Reading Competition!

Friday, September 27

Cookie Dough Fundraiser Sale Ends! Order forms are due to the school no later than 3:00PM on Friday the 27th. Late forms will not be accepted.


Wednesday, August 28

Community Service forms are available in the MMS Office and online on our school’s website. Community service is not mandatory for middle school students, but we do honor those students who have completed 10 or more hours during their middle school career at 8th grade promotion. Students may not receive payment for their time, nor can their parent sign off on their form unless cleared prior by the office. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Sam in the office at sam.dean@middletownusd.org. Community Service forms are due to the office by Friday, May 15th!


Wednesday, 9/4

100 Parents Strong! Help us help our school. For $10 a month let’s band together to support our teachers. Our teachers are constantly using their own limited funds to purchase classroom supplies, or our students have to go without. This is our chance to give back. For $10 a month you can help support 2 teachers (one 7th and one 8th grade) for classroom materials, supplies, and/or necessities. Your donation will mean so much to our teachers, and that will help our students excel this year. Please join us in supporting our teachers because together we can be 100 Parents Strong!

Friday, September 13

Parents! PTSO has now created a PayPal account to help raise funds and gather support for our school and students! Please visit the school’s website for more information and/or the link to the account! Thank you for all that you do in supporting our students and school!