Welcome to the middle school library page! Here, students can access a variety of titles where we have something for every level and subject. The library hosts book fairs and classes, checks out books, and is always available for students for a safe and enjoyable environment! Our Leadership Team is also housed in the library where our school spirit and culture thrive.

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Cia Dedmon is our middle school librarian and Leadership Coordinator. Come say hi and find a good book!


8:00 A.M. - 2:30 P.M. Monday - Friday!


Students should…

Write their first and last names in ink in the front of each textbook in the space provided.

Keep their books covered. Paper book covers or stretchy cloth covers are preferable.

Please do not use contact paper!

Keep track of their books and know where they are at all times.

Return them on time. Most textbooks will be due at the end of the school term.

Students should NOT…

Lend their books to friends. If a friend loses/damages their book they are still responsible for it

Store their books in a friend's PE locker. If their friend is sick or does not return to school for some reason, the principal, office, and/or custodians are often too busy to open it for them.

Get the books wet. A common cause of water damage is when students put their water or juice bottles inside their backpacks with their books. The bottles leak, break, or sweat on the books. When this happens the books need to be dried immediately, otherwise mold will set in. Due to health codes, we cannot re-issue or keep moldy books. Therefore, students whose books cannot be saved will be charged for the book.

Write in the books (except for their name inside the front cover)

Cia Dedmon (707) 987-4160 x 2103 cia.dedmon@middletownusd.org 20932 Big Canyon Road, Middletown, CA 95461