Sabatier, Nikki
(707) 987-4160Principal


Terri Gonsalves
School Pyschologist

Stirling-Rooney, KarinSchool Counselor 


Dean, Sam(707) 987-4160School Secretary

Langford, Teri(707) 987-1441Attendance


Dedmon, Cia(707) 987-4160 x 3103Librarian

Nurse's Office

McDowell, Denise    School Nurse

MacIntyre, Michelle
Nurse's Aide


August, Katy(707) 987-4160 x 20028th Grade Science

Jordan, Joe(707) 987-4160 x 20058th Grade Math

Davis, Vanessa(707) 987-4160 x 20108th Grade Language Arts

Green, Jess(707) 987-4160 x 20037th Grade Science

Coit, Matt    (707) 987-4160 x 20097th Grade Language Arts

Dean, Jake(707) 987-4160 x 20067th Grade Social Studies

Ferguson, Kim(707) 987-4160 x 20047th Grade Math

Foltmer, Bill(707) 987-4160 x 2220    Boys' PE

Jekel, Patricia(707) 987-4160 x 2037Band

Roche, Charles(707) 987-4160 x 20078th Grade Social Studies

Slaight, Tamara(707) 987-4160 x 2001SDC/ RSP Teacher

Welton, Jamie(707) 987-4160 x 2221Girls' PE
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