CA Physical Fitness Testing Program

Each year in the Spring, as required by the California State Education Code, students at MMS participate in the California Fitness Testing Program. Seventh graders are tested using the Fitnessgram. Every year, their results are reported to the California State Department of Education. Eighth graders are also tested. Results of all student tests and whether they have reacheed the fitness standards are sent home to parents with the 3rd Quarter Report Card. 

Fitnessgram Tests

Aerobic Capacity - Mile Run
Flexibility - Sit and Reach
BMI (Body Mass Index) as per the CDC

In preperation for the testing and to help students improve their overall fitness, students are tested once a month on the mile run and once a quarter on push-ups, sit and reach flexibility, and sit-ups. A portfolio is kept to monitor the students' growth and improvement through the two years they are at MMS. Daily exercises and stretching are geared to help students improve on their tests. 

The Fitnessgram standars may be found here: