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Physical Education

Welcome to the Physical education department!

At Middletown Middle School, the Physical Education department has adopted a philosophy that all students can succeed in Physical Education. Emphasis is on self-improvement through active participation. We stress physical, mental, social, and emotional growth through a well-rounded curriculum of activities and fitness tests. Our goal is to make MMS PE an enjoyable experience and a foundation for a healthy and active lifestyle. 

The price for  physical education uniforms (short & shirt)

  • Shirt              $7.00
  • Shorts            $8.00

*The PE uniform, knee length solid royal blue shorts and white crew neck, short sleeve tee shirt, must be purchased at Middletown Middle.

Please take your PE clothes home regularly to be laundered. It is your responsibility to remember to bring them back to school and be prepared for class. 

7th Grade Parents  please  remember  to  buy  the uniform a size bigger so that it can be used for two years.


- The Physical Education Department


PE Excuses written by a doctor or medical provider MUST be turned into the office before the school day begins. The office then makes a copy for your PE teacher and the health office. 

A student must have a note from a parent/guardian to be excused from any activity for medical reasons. The note will excuse the student for a maximum of three days. After three days, a note from a physician is required. Any student who does not participate in PE will not be allowed to participate in an after school activity that day. As in any class, a student may be required to make up and absence for a grade, as deemed appropriate by the teacher. All students are required to take a full year of physical education. Like all classes, a letter grade is assigned. Participation is mandatory. 

PE Lockers

All students will be issued a PE locker. Students must not share lockers, pre-set combinations, or share their locker combinations with other students. Students should be certain their lockers are locked. Students must not leave books or belongings unattended or leave money or other valuables in lockers, including athletic locker areas.

Activities offered

Middle School Physical Education works toward mastery of basic movement skills through the use of daily warm-ups, daily exercises including sit-ups (core strength), push-ups (upper body strength), sit and reach (flexibility), running (cardiovascular fitness), and a variety of game activities. 

 1st Quarter    2nd Quarter     3rd Quarter 4th Quarter
 Touch Football            Ultimate Frisbee              Soccer Softball
 Volleyball Basketball Floor Hockey Pickle-ball

California physical fitness testing program

Each year in the Spring, as required by the California State Education Code, students at MMS participate in the California Fitness Testing Program. Seventh graders are tested using the Fitnessgram. Every year, their results are reported to the California State Department of Education. Eighth graders are also tested. Results of all student tests and whether they have reached the fitness standards are sent home to parents with the 3rd Quarter Report Card. 

Fitnessgram Tests
Aerobic Capacity - Mile Run
Flexibility - Sit and Reach
BMI (Body Mass Index) as per the CDC

In preperation for the testing and to help students improve their overall fitness, students are tested once a month on the mile run and once a quarter on push-ups, sit and reach flexibility, and sit-ups. A portfolio is kept to monitor the students' growth and improvement through the two years they are at MMS. Daily exercises and stretching are geared to help students improve on their tests. 

The Fitnessgram standars may be found here: 

Jamie welton - girls' PE

(707) 987-4160 x 2221

bill foltmer - Boys' PE

(707) 987-4160 x 2220